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Doma's inn is open for you and yours, In the winter of 2010 Tsering and I heard of the then owner of Ivy Cottage, wanting to sell. So although I was happy to buy the place, I did not want to build, and the furthest from my mind was to build an inn!

Tsering said her dream was to be able to take care of people in her own place, since being the director of for the last ten years, she had a lot of experience by personally accompanying her groups.

Now... what Tsering wants Tsering gets.

The rest is a colossal effort of mind body and soul. Many hours of design, and pretending we are architects, plumbers, masons, coolies, engineers, etc. We finally, after 10 months had finished the changes to the cottage. 

Thangkha Painters from Nepal were then summoned and the artist team then went to work. They wanted to know exactly what we wanted... and since we have such a deep and able grasp of the art world we told them to do what ever. 

Upon which we found ourselves looking at the faces of six aghast and shocked artists. We decided the next best thing for us to do was to turn around and walk away. And so it continued for the next three days, until they finally realized that we were serious. 

Then one evening when we were sitting with Bacchus Lee the oriental brother, something happened and one of them suddenly said that he wanted to paint a Mandala on the roof of the entrance, another then piped up loud and clear and said the Garuda was more like it. And before we knew it they went wild. After six months of hand painting and revelry the place, they declared they were done.

Our aim is to give employment to locals. There fore you may not get " trained professional hospitality staff" But what you will find is warmth and a genuine hunger, to learn and serve. The staff will help you in any way they can so please do not hesitate to approach them for your needs.

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